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Chicken Wing Soaps Gift |Novelty Gift: Unscented

Chicken Wing Soaps Gift |Novelty Gift: Unscented

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Intruducing Chicken Wing Soaps- the ultimate novelty gift that will make bath time a finger lickin' good experience! These unique soaps are designed to resemble delicious chicken wings, adding a touch of fun and humor to your daily hygenine routine. Crafted and handmade with care, our Chicken Wing Soaps not only look incredibly realistic but also provide a luxurious lather that cleanses and nourishes your skin. Whether your are looking for a quirky, unique gift or simply want to bring some laughter to your bathroom, this is the soap!  * 4 chicken wing soaps and 2 celery stick soaps * Unscented * Hand-Made Artisan Soap * Made in the USA in East Hampton, CT * Eco-Friendly * High quality ingredients

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