Prices do not include tax. These are not priced for larger caterings. 

**Apple, Cherry or peach cobbler with whipped topping. $25 for 12 servings
**Assorted unfrosted cookies chocolate chip, sugar, monster $10.56 for 18 cookies.
**Large Frosted Brownies $10.56 for 12 pieces                                      **Large brownies with fluffy peanut butter frosting and pretzels crushed over the top.                              **Lemon Bars $15 for 12 pieces     
**Assorted giant muffins: blueberry, apple, cranberry almond, lemon poppyseed $16 for 9                 **Coffee Cake $20 for 12 servings, choose from cinammon, cherry, blueberry or caramel apple.                  **Large cinnamon rolls topped with buttercream frosting $20 for 12 **Assorted frosted cake donuts $18 for 12                                        **Assorted Filled long johns $32 for 12
**White or chocolate frosted cake $20 for 12 pieces of one flavor.
**Chocolate, cherry poke cake, with cherry pie filling and whip topping.  $22 for 12 pieces               **Strawberry cheesecake swirl served with strawberry slices and whip topping, it is a soft cheesecake with no crust 
**White, strawberry poke cake, frosted, and sliced strawberries. $22 for 12 pieces                                         **Lemon Italian Cake.  Two layers with lemon cream between the layers
 **3 layer chocolate cake each cut is nearly 9" tall.  $50 for 14 slices           **Three layer carrot cake with carrots, pecans, coconut, and pineapple. Each layer has cream cheese icing between and on top.  $60 for 14 tall slices.
**Better than anything cake: chocolate cake, caramel, heath pieces & whip topping.  $25 for 12 pieces
**Better than anything tropical: white cake, pineapple, cocktail cherries, vanilla pudding & whip topping $25 for 12 pieces.
**NY style cheesecake with blueberry, Cherry, Chocolate and caramel toppings $48 per 12 people
**Special cheesecake such as turtle, oreo, caramel pecan, apple pie, Heath, $60 for 12 people                **Whole Pie sliced with Whipped topping.  Choose from cherry, peach, apple for $18 for 6 pieces.  Silk peanut butter pie or pecan pie $25 for 6 pieces.