To bring drinks in a drink dispenser, we require a minimum of 25, otherwise we will bring drinks in cold bottles or cans. For larger events the price per person will be cheaper. Prices do not include tax for prepared drinks.

Water, tea, cups, Splenda, and sugar is $1.10 cents per person.

Lemonade and cups is $1.25 per person.

Decaf and Regular Coffee, powder creamer, sugar, Splenda and cups $1.95 per person. 

We can also bring cold juice, bottled water, bottled tea, soda, lemonade or other drinks. This is the only way we will bring drinks for a party of less than 25.  Price will depend on the drinks requested and will be priced per bottle or can, not person.  

If you need alcohol for your event, we need at least 6 months notice to file the correct paperwork and line up staffing.