Price does not include tax.  Not priced for larger caterings. $45 per 25 people unless noted otherwise.

STARCH: Cheesy Potato, Au gratin Potato; Baked potato with sour cream; mashed potato with one gravy; garlic baked new (baby) potatoes; diced potato with butter, garlic and seasonings; BBQ baked beans with bacon; Corn Casserole; Mac and cheese; 4 cheese white macaroni & cheese ($50), seasoned wild rice; rice pilaf; Spanish Rice.

BREAD: $7 for 12 servings. Garlic bread, garlic breadsticks, rolls & butter, garlic and cheddar biscuits.  

VEGETABLES: Broccoli; corn; creamed corn; glazed baby carrots; green beans with butter; green beans with garlic butter; green bean casserole; vegetable medley; sweet potato casserole.

SALADS: side salad with carrots, croutons and 2 dressings; broccoli, raisin, sunflower seed salad; coleslaw; spicy coleslaw; sweet pepper slaw; mushroom salad with carrots, onions, peppers; three bean salad; pasta picnic salad with tomato, cucumbers, onions and a vinegar and mayo dressing; Mexican street corn salad with corn, feta, peppers, black beans, jalapeno in sour cream and mayo dressing; Pea and cheese salad; macaroni salad; potato salad; BLT pasta salad with bacon, tomato, parsley, onion; Italian pasta salad with salami, mozzarella, peppers, onions and tomato; Bacon Ranch Potato Salad; 3 bean salad; Parmesan bow tie salad with onion, tomato, pepper, parmesan; Crab Rangoon salad ($50), cucumber and onion salad thinly sliced cucumbers and onions in tangy vinaigrette dressing.

SWEET SALADS cherry fluff ($55); pistachio salad; Strawberry fluff; soft cheesecake with many choice of toppings and add-ins; Ambrosia salad;  Fruit salad (October to March fruit salad will have an additional fee of $1-3 dollars)